Before scanning your photo, please review these photo handling tips:

  • Use care when removing your antique photo from its frame or album – if necessary, seek the help of your local frame shop or art dealer to extract the photo without incurring damage.
  • Be sure to use a flatbed scanner when scanning your old photo – not a sheet-fed scanner, which could damage your antique. Flatbed scanners feature a hinged lid that opens to reveal a glass top. (If you do not own a flatbed scanner, check with your local office supply store, which may offer scanning as a service.)
  • If all else fails, some customers have had success taking a digital picture of the antique photo using a hand-held digital camera or smart-phone. However, this is not our primary recommended means of capturing a digital copy of the photo to be restored.
  • Special note to local customers: If you need help scanning your photo, you may bring it into our office for assistance.